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Swami Pavitrananda - Audio Lectures

Swami Pavitrananda, a monk of the Ramakrishna Order and a disciple of Swami Brahmananda, was the Sixth Resident Swami and Minister of Vedanta Society of New York. He arrived in New York in February 1951, to assume charge of the Society, serving as spiritual leader of the Vedanta Society of New York for twenty-six years until he passed away in 1977.

Swami Pavitrananda continued the traditions of the past fifty years since Vedanta had first come to America. There was a regular schedule of Sunday public lectures, Tuesday night general classes with question-and-answer periods, and other evenings of library sessions, the latter primarily for the members.

Before coming to the US, he served as the editor of Prabuddha Bharata from 1931 to 1935 and was elected a Trustee of the Ramakrishna Order in 1947.

The Swami was a great scholar and wrote several books on Vedanta. Among his books are "Common Sense about Yoga" and "Modern Man in Search of Religion".

We are pleased to share some of the Sunday Audio Lectures delivered by him at the Vedanta Society of New York.

     1. Look Forward - 12-31-1967 - Swami Pavitrananda


     2. Kindle the Fire Within - 05-26-1968 - Swami Pavitrananda


     3. Meditation: Its Methods and Utility - 04-13-1969 - Swami Pavitrananda


     4. Man the Infinite Spirit - 01-03-1971 - Swami Pavitrananda


     5. God's Grace and Man's Efforts - 04-18-1971 - Swami Pavitrananda





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Swami Vivekananda is one of India’s most inspiring human beings. He wrote extensively about a range of subjects that dealt with the human predicament Inspirational and motivational quotes about life, inspiring words of wisdom and religious spiritual quotes. .Swami ji has given encouraging and optimistic quotes to inspire people for position thinking. He was one of the wisest men of the last few centuries and is widely credited with revitalizing Indian nationalism and the Hindu way of life, with the guidance of his Guru, the mystic Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. Here are some inspirational Swami Vivekananda quotes from his diverse works.Swami ji

January 9, 2015 | Unregistered

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